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At 22 years old, Antinique Kirksey has started a journey to turn her life around. Overwhelming isolation drove her to substance abuse and heavy drinking two to three times per week. For over a month, she has been homeless, sleeping on a mattress in her brother’s basement. After nearly losing her brother and grappling with mental illness, Kirksey felt lost. One night changed everything. “After laying in my brother’s basement on a deflated air mattress for a while, listening to leaders like 1000 Families and John Licari, something got me up again.”

Week 11 Antinique KirkseyKirksey’s experience with The 15 Day Challenge proves that “wellness” is not only physical. In addition to the physical steps of the challenge, she began meditating, carved out more time for reading, and spent more time engaging with her community. Now, Kirksey has been sober for over two months and claims to feel more disciplined. “This challenge has helped me get off my butt and get back to work!”


Despite adversity, Kirksey feels motivated to keep pushing herself. “I refuse to let my circumstances dictate my reality, so I’m changing what I do with my circumstances to create a new reality,” she said. “No matter how hard it may be sometimes, I get up!”

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  • I’m so happy and thank God you found something to to change your lifestyle I’m proud of you keep up the good work and if bad thinking come to mind just say the word Jesus Jesus and he will get you back on track

  • Darlina Walker says:

    After hearing so many different testimonials I decided to tell my story. My journey with TLC started in 2016 in Orlando at the Tom Joyner family reunion. I meet 3 amazing women Gwendolyn Bennett, Pam McCray, Nikki Pierce and they convinced me to try the tea. I tried it I felt like this was something different that could get me out of my rut. I went back home to Boston made a list of guests to launch my business and lost up to 25lbs and was able to maintain my weight loss for a couple of years until I stop being as consistent as I needed to be and get the results I wanted. I got a new business partner in TLC Donna Saunders and she got me going again and got results for a little bit and life happened and got off track again. So I decided to go to Gala in Orlando and see the success others had with the challenge. I saw how committed the contestants were and decided to start my journey again. I started November 15th or 16th and so far I’m down about 8lbs. I think this time this will be the jump start I need to keep me going again. I have arthritis in both knees and my fear is that the added weight will slow me down to a point where I won’t be able to function and be as mobile as i need to be to be able to accomplish my goals, but just getting started is what I need and this challenge will help me stay motivated to maintain any weight loss I may gain, and it will help me encourage others to join me, that’s my goal and my hope. I’m determined to try and help my son to start and see if I can motivate him as well. He did one of the weight loss challenges with TLC in 2018 the bye,bye belly challenge and loss 40lbs within I think it was 30days and he won $500 it was in team journey’s group with Denise Lee. So it’s my goal to start first, and hopefully I can encourage him and others to get going again. I love the format and structure of this new program because it helps each person to explore why they want to succeed and once you unlock the barriers to your failures you can open the door to your success. Thank you TLC for this opportunity to reach my goals.

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