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Before her most recent 15 Day Challenge, Arrica Scarver grew tired of the way she looked. Unhappy with her arms, legs, and stomach, she set out to achieve noticeable results. After 15 days, she succeeded. “After this challenge, I feel absolutely amazing. I’ve lost inches on both of my legs, stomach, and arms, and oh baby, do you see my face?! I’m just getting started.”

Week 6 Arrica ScarverScarver had experienced a significant weight loss in the past; in 2020, her efforts to change her diet allowed her to lose 40 pounds. In the recent past, however, she felt “stagnant,” seeking to push herself further. During this challenge, she lost 9 pounds and began to tone her body. “After seeing my results from this challenge, everyone benefited around me because I gained my fight back. I found my will to push myself beyond my comfort zone.”

Throughout her 15 Day Challenge, Scarver energized herself by working out in the morning, which she found gave her more stamina, and joined HOTWORX, a workout program designed to be completed in a sauna. Her efforts helped her lose inches around her waist and motivated her to inspire others with her transformation. “I told myself every day to keep inspiring, igniting, being the example and not the excuse.”

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