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Arvis Walker’s first name means “People’s Friend,” a title she works to live up to by putting others before herself. “I am a loving person,” she said. “At some point in my life, I started to lose myself in other people.” Throughout The 15 Day Challenge, she focused on building consistency and taking care of herself.

Week 12 Arvis WalkerHaving previously struggled with substance abuse and having gone through a divorce, Walker now spends much of her time as a “momager” for her six children. Her coach encouraged her that with The 15 Day Challenge, “it is time to take it to another level.” With her consistent consumption of TLC products, lifestyle changes and encouragement from her daughter, Walker lost inches around her waist. She credits her children and husband for grounding her throughout her journey and pushing her to keep going.


“I have heard everyone’s stories on the shows, and I noticed that we all have a story,” she said. “I prayed about our interview, and God spoke to me that it was time to tell my story. I used to hide behind my shine. It is time for me to shine and tell my story.”

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