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Bobby Patterson has faced his fair share of health challenges. He began his first 15 Day Challenge in January 2022 after a flare-up of multiple sclerosis. In July, he was diagnosed with a heart condition caused by stress and high blood pressure. “I knew that for me to continue and complete my physical transformation, The 15 Day Challenge would have to remain part of my lifestyle. I will conquer this!”

Week 3 Bobby Patterson

Patterson has completed 18 cycles of The 15 Day Challenge. He began in an accountability group run by Tion and Talinthia Bolding and was later contacted by John Licari to join the first Men’s 15 Day Challenge group. In this group, he experienced “an entirely different level” of commitment and accountability. “I’m more driven and focused than ever, thanks to The 15 Day Challenge!”

During this round of the challenge, Patterson paired strength training and cardio with a slew of products to support his weight-loss goals, including Iaso® Original Tea, various flavors of Iaso® Instant Tea, NutraBurst®, NRG, Techui, Chocolate Brownie MatriX, and Delgada Instant Coffee. Throughout his most recent two challenges, he has lost 16 pounds and 3 inches around his waist. Alongside his physical transformation, Patterson benefited from The 15 Day Challenge community, which helped instill in him “a renewed drive, focus, and determination.”

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