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Before The 15 Day Challenge, Christine Holman experienced embarrassment about the state of her life: “I was stuck in a cycle of anger, and I didn’t have a clear mindset.” She felt depressed, struggled to align the pieces of her life, and noted the need for a change when her grandchildren began to point out her lack of energy. The words of Holman’s coach stuck with her: “You have to decide if you deserve it, and most people think they don’t.” Holman’s most recent challenges helped her determine what she deserves.

Week 12 Christine Holman

Holman has been participating in The 15 Day Challenge since its start. During her most recent challenge, her lifestyle changes helped her lose six-and-a-half pounds! Amid a period of “soul-searching,” Holman used the challenge to focus on herself and build consistency. “The challenge helped me find a place where I had to love myself, period.”


“These challenges truly encouraged me and helped me learn that I was standing in my own way to becoming a better version of myself,” she said. “It’s easy to quit on yourself. It doesn’t matter where you start from; what matters is when you start. Sometimes you will need to face things you might not want to. Get out of your own way!”

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