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When she was younger, Christine Holman led an active lifestyle packed with athletic activities, from sports to bodybuilding to skydiving. As she got older, her circumstances limited her capabilities and stalled her motivation. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and lupus, she faced another unimaginable hardship. She lost two of her eight children to car accidents just ten months apart. Her compounding grief led her into a “downward spiral” that caused her to gain weight and fall into a negative mental state.

Before After Photos CHRISTINE Holman week 3Ten years later, Holman’s doctor informed her that her liver and kidneys were failing. The various issues she faced gave her a metabolic age of 80, the same age as her mother. When Holman saw her mother for the first time in ten years, she barely recognized her. Seeing her mother’s health struggles inspired Holman to make a change. “I told myself that I was 59 years old and wasn’t going to make it to 80 if I didn’t work on myself,” she said, wanting to become healthier for her 14 grandchildren. “My kids didn’t grow up with grandparents who were in their lives. I was so close to taking that away from my grandchildren and myself.”

 Since Holman began her journey with TLC, she has committed to 21 challenges and lost nearly 100 pounds. During her most recent 15 Day Challenge, she transitioned her focus from cardio to strength training, using resistance bands and weights to build definition in her muscles. In addition to a dedicated workout routine, she drank roughly a gallon of water every day and supplemented her diet with more protein. During this challenge, she lost a total of seven pounds! “The definition of my muscles and the change in my body composition over these past two weeks has proven that I have more in me,” she said. “More to give and more to inspire than just weight loss. Increased endurance, strength, and stamina is possible at almost 60 years old!”

Holman hopes to share her story to inspire others to stay motivated. “Starting a journey is one thing. Continuing it is even harder,” she said. “You start feeling a change, and then you get comfortable and complacent. You start lying to yourself and saying you’re happy where you’re at. After all, you are better, but is being better enough?” Holman refused to let her circumstances define her and practiced commitment to healthier habits. “I was falling back into old patterns and realized that I was giving up on living to my full potential. I owe it to myself not to stop.”

*Results achieved through one or more 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with sufficient water consumption, a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

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