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Clara Aguayo hesitated to join The 15 Day Challenge. Not only had she been going through a rough divorce for two years, but her son got in a car accident that totaled the family’s vehicle. Overwhelmed by the stress affecting her family, Aguayo used food as a coping mechanism and felt uncertain that she was ready to alter her lifestyle. “At that time, I was an emotional wreck,” she said. “I wasn’t mentally prepared for a change.”

Before After CLARA AGUAYO ENGUltimately, Aguayo made the decision to begin The 15 Day Challenge for her children. With a history of health issues in her family, she worried that the pattern would continue with her. As a single parent needing to be present for her children, she asked herself if not now, when? She realized that if she let the stressors in her personal life become roadblocks, she would never find the perfect time to start. With encouragement from her children and her coach, she took on The 15 Day Challenge to build healthier habits and a positive mindset.

Throughout her challenge, Aguayo did Zumba and ran three or four miles every day. Her coach, Grace Nicklaus, ran with her, encouraging her to keep going. When Aguayo started spending more time at the gym, her son followed her example, the two serving as a support system for one another and motivating each other to push themselves.

In addition to exercising more, Aguayo worked to shift her perspective on food, substituting sweets with water, eliminating soda, and planning meals instead of grabbing fast food. During her challenge, she cooked healthier meals and prepared several kinds of meats every week so her children could choose what they wanted to eat. The 15 Day Challenge helped Aguayo mend her relationship with eating. As she educated herself on healthier food and drink options, she practiced portion control and ceased stress-eating. “This has changed the way I view food,” she said. “I have learned not to eat through my problems.”

By the end of her fourth challenge, Aguayo lost a total of 17 pounds. Not only did she feel more confident in her body, but she felt more optimistic that she could continue the habits she had built. “I thought I was going to fail, but I had great support,” she said. “I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of my progress, which I am motivated to continue. I will definitely encourage others with my example that it’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle.”*

Clara has completed four challenges.

She has lost 17 pounds since the start of Season 2!**

*Total Life Changes, LLC makes no claim that its products mitigate, prevent, treat or cure any disease, including COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

**Results achieved through one or more TLC 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

***Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Taking TLC Products is not a substitute for a reduced-calorie diet and exercise if you are trying to lose weight. You should always consult a physician before starting any weight loss or fitness regime.

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