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Doctors predicted that by the time Gloria McPeters reached her 60s, she would be in a wheelchair. In addition to being born with polio, she has faced numerous physical difficulties throughout her life. Now 63 years old, not only has McPeters defied doctors’ expectations, but she has used The 15 Day Challenge to reach a new level of energy and stamina. Having completed seven challenges, McPeters claims to feel better now than she did in her 40s.

Week 7 Gloria McPetersMcPeters’s journey with The 15 Day Challenge began in April 2022, when she carried excess weight and felt drained. After using products—including NutraBurst®, NRG, Iaso® Tea, Resolution Drops, and Life Drops – she felt better physically and mentally. “I felt that I could think clearer, and I felt happier!” she said. “TLC products make me feel like I can go all day without needing a nap. I feel plugged in and don’t feel like I need to be recharged until the end of the day!”

In August, Gloria became a Life Changer, hoping to share her story and inspire others to join the challenge. “My whole family sees a happier Gloria! I feel like my smile is genuine and people can see a bright-eyed woman on fire with the way life is going,” she said. “It feels so good to have my life back!”

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