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Before The 15 Day Challenge, Jamar Blue’s struggles kept him “living day to day.” After losing both of his parents and his grandmother, spending time in prison, working overnight hours to support his family, and caring for an autistic son, Blue humbly described life as “okay.” During the challenge, he found time for self-improvement. “I took 15 days and focused on myself, and it put me on the right track.”

Week 9 Jamar BlueBlue added healthier foods to his diet to avoid feeling “sluggish,” drank more water, and “went extra hard in the gym” to reach his goal of feeling more energetic. In addition to his physical efforts, he spent more time in prayer and claims to have improved his self-awareness. Through his determination, Blue made the habits formed during The 15 Day Challenge into a consistent lifestyle.

“I have turned my life around despite adversity,” he said. “I will continue striving for greatness to be better for myself, my wife, and our four children.”

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