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Jamellah Golsonel had a special support system throughout The 15 Day Challenge: She and her eleven-year-old autistic son completed the challenge together. Amid the hustle and bustle of New York, the pair struggled to eat healthy, relying on fast food for many meals. Once they committed to the challenge, however, both Golsonel and her son lost 10 pounds.

Week 7 Jamellah GolsonelThe two implemented more exercise into their routines, taking lengthy walks, planning short workouts together, or riding their bikes around the city. Golsonel added products to her challenge by drinking NutraBurst® or Delgada Instant Coffee instead of soda. To motivate others and inspire them to join the challenge, she documented her journey on social media, posting frequent updates to Facebook and Instagram.

Throughout the challenge, Golsonel began to lose the pain she felt from excess weight and experienced a mental shift as she accomplished her goals. “My son and I gained our pride,” she said. “By working through our laziness for 15 days straight, we learned there’s a lot of things our bodies can do and handle.”

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