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JeTaime Durr began her fifth 15 Day Challenge with the goal of adding more exercise to her daily routine that would help her build her core. Using The 15 Day Challenge Kit and Raspberry Flavored SlimAM, she completed this cycle of the challenge with a friend and enjoyed “seeing everyone pushing through every day, showing up to get themselves to their body goal.”

JaTaime Durr-Before After

Durr claims that The 15 Day Challenge has encouraged her to exercise more and push herself in her health journey. “I didn’t like working out. My mom used to ask me to go to the gym with her; she used to encourage me when I was younger. Now, at 43, all I want to do is work out daily. I’m glad that I chose my health over comfort.”

After losing her home in 2016 and struggling with addictions to gambling and cigarettes, Durr felt depressed. Since then, she has been on a journey of self-improvement; she has not smoked in two years and, after adding more exercise to her routine, feels better about her overall health. After taking on The 15 Day Challenge, she says, “My life has improved for the better. I’m loving myself more every day.”

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