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After being displaced from their home, Jolie Washington and her three children entered a period of uncertainty that lasted three months. “I didn’t know where I would live or how I could effectively place myself and my kids under the same roof.” Though Washington found housing with a friend, depression took over, and her hope began to slip.

Week 9 Jolie WashingtonWashington’s “daily stress” prevented her from reaching her movement goals and prioritizing her wellness. During The 15 Day Challenge, Washington regained motivation. She implemented daily walks, carved out more time for sleep, and supported her challenge with The 15 Day Challenge Kit, among other products. After making healthy changes to her lifestyle, she lost 6 pounds and gained the confidence to “make wise decisions” on a daily basis.

“I gained mental clarity, and the small goal of 15 days at a time is not overwhelming,” she said. ‘I feel great and eager to live a healthy lifestyle once again.”

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