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When Lidia Reyes found out that she was going to be recognized at a TLC team event, she was elated that her sister’s wedding was the same weekend. With both events being held in the Dominican Republic, she anticipated that her family would join her to celebrate her accomplishments. However, when the day of the convention came, none of her family members showed. Devastated by their lack of support, Reyes distanced herself from her family and fell into a period of self-doubt. She turned to fast food as a coping mechanism, lying to her fiancé about how much she was eating and convincing her children that they wanted fast food in order to sneak in more meals. Her eating habits led to weight gain that caused her to dislike what she saw in the mirror. Desiring to feel more confident in her body before her birthday, Reyes took on The 15 Day Challenge.

Before After Lidia ReyesReyes embraced healthier habits with serious commitment, knowing she needed to stay disciplined if she wanted to achieve her goals. As a present for her own birthday, she bought two exercise machines: an elliptical and a rowing machine. In addition to building strength with these machines, she lifted weights and built stamina through cardio routines. She drank more water than ever before, consumed a wide range of TLC products, educated herself on nutrition, and cooked using healthier ingredients instead of turning to fast food. To keep herself accountable, she took pictures to document her journey, noticing a change in her body on the eighth day of her challenge.

Throughout her first challenge, Reyes not only lost four pounds and several inches around her waist, but she began to feel brighter, with more vibrant energy and a higher sense of self-love. She found support in The 15 Day Challenge community, which kept her motivated to keep pursuing her goals. “Our community kept me motivated the most,” she said. “The days I didn’t want to work out or eat healthy, I saw everybody else who was participating in the challenge, and that kept me moving.”

Reyes’s confidence grew, not only in what she saw the mirror but also in her ability to persist. “I truly am in love with The 15 Day Challenge,” she said. “Now I know that with determination and discipline, you can get where you want to go.”

This is Lidia’s first 15 Day Challenge!

She lost 4 pounds!*

She used the products in The 15 Day Challenge Kit (Fruit Punch Iaso® Instant Tea, NRG, and NutraBurst®), Lemon Iaso® Instant Tea with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Iaso® Original Tea, Delgada Coffee, SlimAM, Techui, and MatriX.*

*Results achieved through one or more 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with sufficient water consumption, Fruit Punch Iaso® Instant Tea, NRG, NutraBurst®, Lemon Iaso® Instant Tea with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Iaso® Original Tea, Delgada Coffee, SlimAM, Techui, MatriX, a low-calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

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