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Margaret Sattiewhite’s 15 Day Challenge journey began with her coach and middle-school best friend, Rachel Castello. After seeing Castello’s journey unfold on social media, Sattiewhite felt drawn to her story, inspired by the holistic change she seemed to have made for the benefit of herself and her whole family. “The challenge was changing her holistically and not just physically. She was getting connected with a healthy social network. She was getting more mentally stable and more aware of herself. I knew I wanted that,” Sattiewhite said. “Whatever she was searching after and found changed her so dramatically. I had to find out what it was.”

Before After MARGARET SATTIEWHITESoon after, Sattiewhite stepped out of her comfort zone to attend a 15 Day Challenge event, where she pushed past her social discomfort to share her testimony, inspiring some members of the crowd so much that they more than doubled the cash raffle prize she had won. Though she previously described herself as “antisocial,” throughout her challenge, she became more involved with the community and developed a strong support system, who encouraged her to develop goals and enjoy the process of reaching them.

Before The 15 Day Challenge, Sattiewhite lost weight in unhealthy ways. Her eating and hydration were irregular, and with her busy schedule as a single mom of four children, she felt that she was “pushing through life” rather than dedicating energy to taking care of herself. “The unhealthy weight loss was because I didn’t see what I was worth,” she said. “I thought I was undeserving.” When she immersed herself in The 15 Day Challenge community, her support group helped her individualize her experience, not pushing herself too far but finding a point where she felt happy about her progress. “The happy endorphins came so strong that I kept thriving and pushing and had that hunger,” she said. “The more that I enjoyed it, the more I poured into myself, and the more I pushed myself.”

Throughout her challenge, Sattiewhite utilized exercise videos to guide her exercise and used resistance bands to build strength. She also made sure to involve her kids in exercise, finding ways to entertain them and ensure they were having fun while staying active, and spent time exercising with her coach. Additionally, she used a time-marked water bottle to stay hydrated and built consistency with her meals, posting her progress on social media to build accountability. During her first challenge, she lost a total of 20 pounds and gained a healthier mindset, excited about the path that she and her children would take into the future.

This is Margaret’s first challenge!

She has lost 20 pounds since December 16.*

Margaret used NutraBurst® and Iaso® Original Tea.**

*Results achieved through one or more TLC 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

**Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Taking TLC Products is not a substitute for a reduced-calorie diet and exercise if you are trying to lose weight. You should always consult a physician before starting any weight loss or fitness regime.

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