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When Mark Smith was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, it was only the beginning of the health issues he would face. He battled three different types of cancer and lost lymph nodes, a kidney, and part of his stomach before finally becoming cancer-free. Afterward, while at work, he discovered he had a hernia when it suddenly burst. When he began his first 15 Day Challenge, Smith had gout in his foot and struggled to walk. On top of this slew of issues and the complications Smith faced in the hospital, he now needs abdominal reconstruction surgery. However, Smith did not let his conditions limit his determination.

Week 11 MARK SMITHAfter Smith’s fourth 15 Day Challenge, he called his progress a “miracle.” After sticking to a 2,000-calorie diet, exercising daily, consuming enough water, and using The 15 Day Challenge Kit, he lost a total of 53 pounds in just 60 days. Though he previously felt tired and overwhelmed by his health conditions, after the challenge, Smith gained mental clarity and the energy to complete more challenges. “It has dramatically improved my mental and physical health! I’m just getting started!”


Currently one-third of the way toward his goal of losing 150 pounds, Smith takes pride in his progress. “While I had my doubts about how successful this would be for me, I took a leap of faith,” he said. “I am amazed at the results I have achieved! I am committed to the process, and I am overwhelmed by the progress I have made in only 60 days!”

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