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“Before I started this 15 Day Challenge, life was very unfulfilling, dull, and sad.” In addition to her struggle with a mental disorder, Nancy Teran lost her friend, who passed away at age 41, to a heart attack. “I had endless days of nothing, where I felt empty, a shell of the person I once was. During the challenge, I found myself.”

Week 5 Nancy TeranTeran described her second round of The 15 Day Challenge as “a mental battle” to improve her mindset. After drinking more water, exercising more, and making time for daily prayer, she lost 3 inches on her waist, found that she spent less time on the couch, and felt closer to God.

“I’ve gained self-confidence, improved mental health, and a community of like-minded people. People I don’t know are helping and inspiring me,” she said. The 15 Day Challenge helped Teran rejuvenate her mind and serve as an inspiration for others. “I put myself out there so I could be seen. I made myself accountable. I came out of my shell and peeled back layers of myself. Many were emotional layers. This is me!”

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