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Just before starting The 15 Day Challenge, Oneida Perez’s family suffered a tragedy. Her brother had been assaulted and left for dead in a ditch. After being found and taken to the hospital, he was placed on life support, and Perez helped take care of him. The challenge was just one factor that helped her remain strong. “I know that God held my hand and gave me the strength I needed to be strong and stay healthy to support my brother and family through this tragedy,” she said. “I’m so thankful that I joined [the challenge] because it helped me and my family stay healthy and bring my brother home.”

Week 5 Oneida PerezIn the midst of hospital visits, Perez consumed healthier foods and avoided binge-eating. The challenge motivated her to build “strength, confidence, and self-esteem.”  A single mother of seven, she hopes to encourage other single mothers to adopt healthier habits and know that despite setbacks, they have the power to grow.

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