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For 23 years, Rachel Castello faced a nightmare. Trapped in a relationship with an abusive man, her sense of self-worth declined. Though she tried to leave her husband six times, she found herself constantly caught in a harmful cycle, struggling to break free for her sake and the well-being of her six children. Having faced repeated abuse and lost her mother while pregnant with her youngest child, Castello’s mental health dwindled to the point that she contemplated ending her own life. Her husband’s harrowing response was, “Go ahead and do it.”

Before After Photos RACHEL week 3After facing years of tragedy, Castello came across The 15 Day Challenge, deciding to step out of her comfort zone and form healthier habits for the sake of her children. Her wellness journey began with Rose Alvarado, the coach who inspired Castello to join a five-week fitness challenge. During that challenge, she lost 20 pounds. The 15 Day Challenge helped her continue her progress, not only losing two pounds and several inches around her waist but garnering the emotional strength to finally leave her husband.

Castello set a goal to get moving and avoid sitting for full days at a time. Along with twice weekly classes at her local YMCA and online workouts with her coach to add more exercise to her routine, she drank roughly a gallon of water every day, consumed the products in The 15 Day Challenge Kit, and improved her diet. She cut soda and replaced white bread, tortillas, and rice with whole-grain alternatives. She has now completed 15 consistent challenges and has lost over 70 pounds over the course of 2022.

Beyond physical benefits, Castello gained community from The 15 Day Challenge. After struggling to focus and organize her objectives, she appreciated Alvarado’s dedication as a coach, planning workouts and writing out nutritional tips for Castello. Rather than focusing on the degrading words of her husband, she found an encouraging community to support her through every small step. “I felt really alone. I felt like all I had was my kids until I met Rose and she introduced me to the challenge,” she said. “It helps so much to have people support you. It’s not just about losing weight; they want to see you succeed in life, period.”

As Castello’s mindset improved, she felt a higher sense of confidence and self-worth. “I started to see myself. I saw my worth and knew that I deserved better,” she said. “I have my ups and downs, but I know that as time goes by, I will feel so much better.”

*Results achieved through one or more 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with sufficient water consumption, a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

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