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“We only have one body, so we need to take care of it!” This was Sandy Flores’s motivation for taking on The 15 Day Challenge.

Sandy Flores-Before AfterAt “61 years young,” she completed the challenge with the help of The 15 Day Challenge Kit and saw improvements in her health. “I have noticed that I have more energy, have gotten better
sleep, and have been more focused.”

Seven years ago, Flores’s husband of 36 years passed away, and she now runs a program dedicated to supporting widows. In 2021, she began serving God. This July, she completed The 15 Day Challenge with “a group of people who are focused on God and really want to be healthy.”

Flores finished the challenge eager to take on more. “I was able to lose a few inches and pounds, so I believe this challenge will guide me closer to completing my goals. I am ready for the next challenge!”

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