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Before taking on The 15 Day Challenge, Sonja Franklin suffered from depression, having survived the tragedy of rape and domestic abuse. She struggled with energy and confidence, using The 15 Day Challenge to regain motivation.

Week 10 Sonja FranklinFranklin challenged herself to exercise consistently, working out for at least an hour 3 to 5 days every week. She improved her eating habits by including more vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, supplementing her diet with several products, including NutraBurst®, NRG, and Resolution Drops. Her accountability group encouraged her to keep pushing toward her goals. During her most recent challenge, Franklin lost 6 pounds. Since February 2022, she has lost a total of 50 pounds.


The 15 Day Challenge boosted Franklin’s energy and helped her gain “mental clarity.” Now, many months into her health and wellness journey, she claims to feel better about herself. “During this challenge, I feel I have gained more strength, endurance, and self-confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to.”

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