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Stacey Veselovec has faced a litany of health problems: diabetes mellitus, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, hip pain, and injuries to her neck and back. In addition, she has struggled with her weight, worsened by her health conditions. Alongside these issues, she battled depression. “I often wished it was my time to die,” she said.

Week 10 Stacey VeselovecThe 15 Day Challenge motivated Veselovec to make a change. After adding healthier foods to her diet (including protein, low-carb foods, and fruit and vegetables), moving more, and using her 15 Day Challenge Kit, she lost 8.2 pounds, leaving her energized to complete another challenge. “I am excited to start Round 2 and see what I can accomplish!”

Throughout her challenge, the mother of two grew more optimistic and confident in herself, recognizing her self-worth and the value of her own happiness. She found strength in her faith. “I recently went back to church to reconnect with God and focus on ME for a change,” she said. “With God as my partner, I am strong!”

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