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Teresa Cleveland used this cycle of The 15 Day Challenge to focus on herself. Before the challenge, she felt overwhelmed, so focused on others that she often put their needs before her own. Throughout her 15 Day Challenge, supplemented by NRG, she not only made physical progress but reoriented her priorities to include herself. “I have my own group where I encourage people, and in doing so, I lost myself in the long run. This group has helped me find myself and remember that I matter as well. Now I’m getting back to who I was. I’m definitely taking these challenges personally.”

Teresa Cleveland

Beyond challenging herself, Cleveland creates her own challenges to motivate others. Every three weeks, she chooses one winner from her group to win $75–100. “My life has changed because I’m surrounded by a group that is as determined, dedicated, and inspired as I am to push and not give up,” she says. “This is the most motivating group I have ever been in.”

Though Cleveland did not meet her goal for this round of the challenge, she looks forward to beginning another 15-day cycle and continuing to “keep striving and pushing” toward progress.

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