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Before The 15 Day Challenge, Tiffany Gaston suffered from substance abuse and self-harm. Though she is one-year clean, she is still in recovery, working to restore her body and love herself again. “I have been defeating myself for over 15 years, but now I have been working with a recovery coach to learn the exact nature of my fall and how to be comfortable in my own skin.”

Week 4 Tiffany GastonIn addition to maintaining a workout regimen and cutting sugars from her diet, Gaston has increased her water intake. Previously struggling with frequent urination, she spent the challenge drinking large amounts of water and training her body to hold it. She found that the challenge helped her stay committed to the changes in her lifestyle. “I was amazed that I remained committed one day at a time. I’m still activated!”

Having now completed two rounds of The 15 Day Challenge, Gaston hopes to inspire others to grow alongside her. “My recovery has led me to want to inspire others; we do recover from many life-changing events. During this challenge, I was motivated to encourage at least one other person.” To keep herself accountable, Gaston regularly posted pictures of her transformation on social media to “let the world know they can do it, too.”

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