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During Ty O’Brien’s most recent 15 Day Challenge, his physical efforts took on a dual purpose. Not only did he complete the 30 minutes of daily movement needed for the challenge, but he enhanced his workouts with running and strength training to prepare for a mud run. After his run, which he completed in the middle of his challenge, he continued to push himself to the finish.

Week 8 Ty OBrien“During The 15 Day Challenge, I was pushed to do things I’m not used to doing,” O’Brien said. He began to eat less bread and took a variety of products, including The 15 Day Challenge Kit, Delgada Instant Coffee, and Resolution Drops, among others. He used writing to apologize to himself and reflect on his motivation for entering the challenge. In addition to his physical training, he woke up at 5 a.m. every morning to meditate with his group.

O’Brien embraced the encouragement he received from The 15 Day Challenge community. “This community is everything, and that is what keeps me going,” he said. “I’ve gained a group of people who have helped me through some challenging moments in life, celebrated every small win with me, and pushed me to stay accountable to the goals I set on day one.”

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  • El reto de los 15 días de transformación ha marcado un precedente de un antes y un después tanto en la compañía Total Life Changes cómo en cada uno de los Life Changer que hemos hecho el reto. Agradezco tanto a Dios por el Señor Jack Fallon, John Licari y a todo el Corporativo de TLC por el gran trabajo que han hecho a través de #The15daychallengue, pues nos ha cambiado la vida dándole un giro de 360 grados a nuestra salud. Gracias Total Life Changes por existir!

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