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“At the age of 50, my quality of life has improved.” After fully embracing The 15 Day Challenge, Vickie Goods felt a positive impact on her health. “I’m feeling stronger at 50 than I did at 20.”

Vickie Goods back, front, side

Before the challenge, Goods struggled to focus on herself. Since she lost her home in 2018, she has been living with friends, for whom she is grateful for helping her through periods of darkness in her life. Goods set out to finish school before she owned a home, and in 2021, she graduated with a liberal arts degree. Through The 15 Day Challenge, she followed this academic achievement by reaching several of her health goals.

Not only did she incorporate a variety of workouts (walking, running, jumping rope, cardio, and HIIT) into her routine, she also drank 100 ounces of water per day and found the time to meditate for self-rejuvenation. After completing the challenge, utilizing The 15 Day Challenge Kit and Techui in addition, she noted, “I lost inches, increased my agility and endurance, and I’m no longer complaining about stiffness or soreness.”

Goods attributes her success in the challenge to her investment in self-improvement. “This challenge motivated me and held me accountable for my health journey. It made me realize that TLC was investing more into my health and wellness than I was, so I decided to put some real work in and invest in my own health and wellness.” Goods finished the challenge feeling energized and eager for more. “I’m looking forward to round two!”

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