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Viviana Moran’s struggle with her weight peaked after her most recent pregnancy. The mother of four discovered that her youngest son was hypoglycemic, a condition that causes low blood sugar levels. Despite consuming many vitamins to ensure that her son could be nourished through breastfeeding, Moran’s weight increased to about 200 pounds, and her confidence slipped. “Clothes started to not fit me anymore, and I was embarrassed,” she said. “I was told I had to go to the plus-size section, and that was traumatic for me.”

Before After Photos VivianaDuring this time, Moran’s doctor informed her that she had inherited issues with high blood pressure from her parents and would need medication. She refused. Instead, she tried prescribed diets. While those diets appeared to work for a time, helping her lose small increments of weight, she found that she gained weight back just as quickly. “Nothing was working for me,” she said. “I would lose about five pounds, but then I would gain 10 back.” Moran then found The 15 Day Challenge, which finally appeared to work.

Throughout her 15 Day Challenge, Moran implemented hour-long exercise routines, ensured that she stayed hydrated, consumed the products in The 15 Day Challenge Kit, and replaced the sugar in her diet with a low-calorie alternative. Since beginning the challenge and making healthy shifts in her lifestyle, Moran has seen improvements in her blood pressure and started to see the weight loss she hoped for. During her second 15 Day Challenge, she lost a total of 15 pounds!

“This challenge has helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle and see what I can achieve,” Moran said. “This is only the beginning of a new lifestyle!” The changes she made set an example for her family as well, who were inspired to make similar efforts. Now, Moran is ready to tell not only her country of Ecuador but the whole world about The 15 Day Challenge!

*Results achieved through one or more 15 Day Challenge cycles combined with sufficient water consumption, a low calorie, balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

*Total Life Changes, LLC makes no claim that its products mitigate, prevent, treat or cure any disease, including COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

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