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For years before The 15 Day Challenge, Yvelin Martinez Ramirez felt overwhelmed. Just hours after her mother received a difficult diagnosis, her grandmother passed away. Ramirez battled a smoking addiction and struggled with mental illness. Because of her husband’s job in the military, they and their three children moved from town to town, and Ramirez often found herself overeating leftovers. She struggled with her weight for over 20 years. When she began The 15 Day Challenge, she was eager for change.

Week 6 Yvelin RamirezNow smoke-free for one month and ready to become healthier for her children, Ramirez used this round of The 15 Day Challenge to build a healthier diet. She minimized packaged and processed foods in favor of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and the occasional protein shake. Her cleaner diet helped her feel less nauseous and tired, and she used Resolution Drops to help curb her habit of overeating. “I have a long way to go, but with the help of these challenges, I know I will get it done. I feel more on track with my goals.” She hopes to inspire her husband to join her next challenge. “We both want to be healthier for our three kids, and taking the challenge is a huge step in the right direction!”

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