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The 15 Day Challenge is a program designed to help you form habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. The program is simple: For 15 days, stay hydrated, consider healthier food choices, and move for at least 30 minutes per day. As you commit to yourself 15 days at a time, you’ll develop a lifestyle to help you achieve your wellness goals!
The 15 Day Challenge no longer has specific start or end dates! We want you to have the freedom and flexibility to start your challenge whenever you’d like.
Because The 15 Day Challenge is no longer structured by specific dates, we no longer require you to register! Everyone is welcome, no entry form necessary. However, we do recommend taking “before” pictures and measurements at the start of your challenge to track your own progress!

Fill out this short form to submit your photos and tell us your story! We’d love to hear how your journey is going and how the challenge has helped you develop a healthier lifestyle!

You can submit your results as many times as you’d like! The 15 Day Challenge is a lifestyle. Your effort and your progress matter, and we want to hear about it! When you’re comfortable sharing your results, you should submit, whether that’s after one challenge or many. You can also share your progress along the way in our 15 Day Challenge Community.

After you submit your story, you’ll be redirected to a submission page acknowledging that we’ve received your story. You’ll also receive an email and a completion badge to share on social media!
We’ll review your story, and we may feature you on our social media or live broadcasts! By submitting your results, you authorize Total Life Changes to publish, reproduce, distribute, and/or otherwise use the content of your entry in any manner.
If you have additional question, please contact us at
You no longer need an account to access the resources we provide to guide you through your challenge! You can access your eGuide, success tracker, checklist, and workout videos from the homepage of