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Welcome To The Full-Body Burner Series

This workout video series was designed to strengthen your 15 Day Challenge! Join Coach Brittany O’Day, a certified personal trainer with five years of experience, for guided full-body exercises to help you get your 30 minutes of movement in every day!

These workouts were created with you in mind. Whatever your fitness goals or level of ability may be, these exercises are flexible to meet your needs. Follow along for a full 15 days or watch intermittently to add variety to your routine. Whether you seek to tone, strengthen, or energize, these videos are for you!

Program Guidelines

This workout series is split into two types of days:

Full-Body Burner Day (s) – Get your blood pumping with 30-minute workouts, designed to work every muscle group and help you meet your fitness goals!
Active Recovery Day (s) – Give your body a rest with these relaxed workouts, made to help you stay active while your body recovers from more intense movement!

Recommended Equipment: At certain points in these workouts, you’ll see Coach Brittany use gym equipment. While no equipment is necessary for these workouts, the icons below indicate that certain gear is recommended to amp up the intensity of your exercise!

Resistance Band

Consider using resistance bands to increase strain while you stretch and strengthen your muscles. If you don’t have resistance bands, simply copy Coach Brittany’s motions without equipment!


Lifting dumbbells while you exercise can help tone and strengthen your muscles. Don’t have dumbbells at home? Use water bottles! Fill up the largest water bottle you have. If it’s too heavy, empty some of the water until you can reasonably lift it.

Medicine Ball

In addition to working your muscles, medicine balls are designed to help you achieve more quick and stable movements as you exercise. If you don’t have a medicine ball, simply copy Coach Brittany’s motions without equipment!

Plyometric Box

Plyometric boxes are used to give fast-paced exercises additional power. Don’t have a plyometric box? You can use any elevated steps in your household, like the bottom step of a staircase!


To power your core and build endurance, try using a kettlebell! If you don’t have one available, you can substitute a kettlebell with a weighted backpack!